Body Building Diet

Body Building Diet
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Designed to build muscles through the elimination of fat, body building diet puts a lot of emphasis on complex carbohydrates and food rich in proteins. People engaged in bodybuilding diet have workout routines in order for them to burn the unwanted calories in their bodies.

Here’s an example of a diet and exercise routine. A person who is serious about body building starts the day off by doing 45 minutes of cardio exercises. His breakfast consists of oatmeal, whey protein and egg white omelet. Three hours after having his breakfast, he eats chicken breast that has a tablespoon of oil.

The two meals that follow contain whey protein, more egg whites and some fruit juice. He engages in weigh training in the afternoon because this is when the body has had the sufficient time to break down the carbohydrates he ate earlier. He can go to the gym if he chooses to do so. Three meals are taken in every two hours. Meals must have complex carbohydrates and lean protein.

People who do see that they would not go to the gym shouldn’t try this kind of diet. Body building diet is designed for people who are seriously bulking up their bodies. Along with the heavy exercises they engage in, they improvise with the foods they take in. They make sure that their exercise and their diet are complementary.

Bodybuilding diet is attributed to the three components of Bodybuilding which are 1.) High protein 2.) Low carb 3.) Exercise. These should be calculated to fit the daily weight loss plan of the person taking in the bodybuilding diet.

For example, a person who wants an organized plan in shedding excess pounds should try Atkins Diet or South Beach Diet. These give the person the low carbs and high protein. However, the exercise isn’t really associated to it. This is not to say that you do not exercise when you are engaged in this kind of diet. Difference is, the exercise is not emphasized on both Atkins and South Beach.

Therefore, if you are not into building but you want to get the health benefits when it comes to fitness, muscle strength, endurance and weigh management, then you should check out Denise Austin or Bob Greene.

The Atkins Diet

There are ideals in the health community when the topic of how much fat and meat intake are acceptable. Recent research shows that followers of Atkins Diet lose weight at a faster pace than other diets out there. The downside is that these people might have a hard time with the changes along the way in the long run. These are eliminating pasta, sweets and potatoes in the diets permanently.

The South Beach Diet

Immensely popular, this diet offers to its followers a weight loss of eight to thirteen pounds during the first two weeks. It concentrates on avoiding carbohydrates specifically those that can be found in breads, snacks, baked goods and soft drinks.

Bob Greene

To those who don’t want to be in a short-term diet and are more interested in changing their eating lifestyle, this is a perfect choice. Often, these are the people who cannot control their eating habits. They eat as much as they want and when they want to. By focusing on changing the eating habits and incorporate exercising in the lifestyle, the effect is a healthier way of life.

Denise Austin

A realistic, sensible and enthusiastic approach when it comes to eating and fitness, Denise Austin is a daily 30 minute workout. One must never skip a meal too. This is said to be the healthiest diet at the moment.

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