Easy Diet Tips For Natural Weight Loss

Many people get paranoid about weight loss and fitness and go about doing anything and everything to loose weight. Some invest in home fitness equipment, while many go on crash diet, work hard at the gyms etc. A majority of people take up harsh measures for weight loss based on impulse. So they find it difficult to keep the tempo going and give up after a while. The result is that they gain more weight instead of losing.

Myths About Weight Loss

  1. Breakfast is compulsory to remain thin.

  2. Late night dinner causes fat to accumulate because there the calories are not expended.

  3. No fat should be consumed while on a weight loss spree.

  4. Obesity is genetic.

  5. With age it becomes increasingly difficult to shed weight.

  6. Its better to remain plump than very thin.

These myths have put off many from working towards keeping themselves fit and healthy by loosing the excess fat.

Basic Dieting Principal: The basic principle behind dieting is that to eat only as much calories as needed by the body and to undertake sufficient physical activity to loose the expended the excess calories.

What Is Hunger?

Lot of calories are consumed unknowingly. This is because people don’t know when they should eat and how much to eat. Food should be consumed to satisfy hunger. This is the only solution for weight loss. Hunger is a sensation where the stomach feels empty and at times is accompanied by a headache, hunger pains, a lightheaded sensation.

Adopt Good Dieting Habits

If a person wants to eat something, but not able to decide what to eat, it means he/she is not really hungry. A hungry person can decide on what to eat immediately. Many people eat to satisfy their emotional needs than satisfy the emptiness in the stomach. Diverting the mind into doing other activities like exercise, prayer, meeting up with friends etc. would be a good way to deal with this issue than eating chocolates and ice cream.

An overweight person must not eat till the stuffed feeling comes about. Eating too much would lead to heartburns, gas and stomach upsets. One should always eat slowly and drink plenty of liquids between each bite to eat in smaller quantities. After a few bites, self assessment should be carried out to check if the emptiness in the stomach persisted or not. If the emptiness has disappeared, it’s better to get away from the plate.

A good test to check whether one is over eating or not is get up from the table when there is still some food left in the plate. Then after half hour assessment should be carried out to check if the food was missed by the tummy. If it wasn’t then there hunger was satisfied with the right quantity of food. This would be the beginning of weight loss.

Physical Exercise is the Key to Fitness

Fitness for too many people means working hard at the gyms, sweating and doing repetitive exercises. But fitness could be achieved by burning energy in an enjoyable way be doing activities than are interesting and involve little physical moves too. It would be walking around in the park, shopping mall, doing ballet dance, aerobics or combination of activities. Whatever activity is carried on should be done consistently.

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