Fat Burning Diets

Fat burning diets mainly aim at augmenting your metabolism rates so that more fat and calories are burnt up fast. They also try to lift your energy levels so that your physical activity automatically increases and you burn fat. Here are some efficacious diet plans by which you can achieve your much desired goal of looking trim.

Include fat burning foods in your diet

Fat burning diets often include the ‘fat burning foods’- these foodstuffs burn more calories than they themselves contain. Fruits like lemons, guava, oranges, tangerines and grape fruit are fat burners as they contain Vitamin C which dilutes fat. This causes fat to be expelled from the body rather than being stored in it. Apples contain Pectin which limits cells from absorbing fat. It also enables release of fat from the body by stimulating water absorption.

Asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, beet root, carrot, chilies, sweet potatoes, soybeans, apple, blueberries and watermelon are the other foods with fat burning properties. Diary products make effective fat burning diets because they contain calcium which is a fat fighter. Calcium supplements however will not do the same trick. Red chilies contain capsaicin that enhances metabolism. Hence hot foods make good fat burning diets. Nuts also have the ability to burn fat.

Carbohydrate centric diet

Nutritionist Jay Robb has devised a unique fat burning diet that uses carbohydrates to improve energy and metabolism levels to burn fat. He recommends alternating high fat burning carbohydrate diets with low carb-diets.

His diet includes good carbohydrates that don’t cause fatigue and sleepiness. It includes loads of good fats; proteins which can stabilize blood sugar levels and fight hypoglycemia are also incorporated. His highly restrictive low carb-diet includes Egg white omelet, cheddar cheese, salsa, raw vegetable salad and tuna.

The high carb-diet portion of the diet includes nutritious food like yogurt, Wholegrain toast with honey, Turkey breast, baked sweet potato, salad, Chicken breast, whole grain pasta, zucchini and Fresh fruit.

Eating habits and lifestyle

A fat burning diet can also be one that makes a marked change to your lifestyle and ingestion habits. These diets advocate not eating late as overnight during sleep your body metabolism rates are low. The unburned calories will translate into excess fat. Eating more number (4-5) of small meals a day is also a great way to increase metabolism and burn fat.

These fat burning diets will surely go a long way in helping you attain a perfect body in a short time span.

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