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Five Way To Stress-Less Living

Five Way to Stress-Less Living
Written by iryamnet

There are no easy answers to ease stress and assure better health. While certain medical experts consider environment, lifestyle habits and attitude as the main components of good health, certain gurus have summarized good health into a list of five must dos.

To simplify the checklist of reducing stress and boosting your health, Help and Information has compiled a few life tips for you:

Sleep it off. Rest, sleep and relaxation do a body good. When the body is deprived of six to eight hours of rest, the brain is dulled, weight gain sets in, and an individual may be prone to more mood swings. Not to mention, the immune system is more susceptible to illness and disease.

Ease the mind. Meditation is not only good for the soul but it eases the mind. Practice breathing exercises to cal your nerves and alleviates stress.

Put ideas in writing. If you really want to learn about yourself, keep a journal. Record and log your thoughts. Working through your lifetime experiences can save you thousands in therapy.

Go Omega. For people with an aversion to fish, there’s no need to eat fish to get good sources of omega-fatty-3 acid. Omega fatty acids are excellent for the heart. Contained in various nuts and abundance in flaxseed, omega-3 fatty acid is not limited to eating tuna and salmon.

Eat a mélange. The best diets are one that contains a wide spectrum of nutrients: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Do not eliminate carbohydrates from your diet since it is a vital energy source. Eat red meats and poultries within moderation.

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