Green Tea And Weight Loss, How To Use Green Tea in Loosing Fat?

Green tea and weight loss is mostly talked in the weight loss arena. Green tea is one of the most common types of tea along with white tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, black tea and post fermented teas and is known to have benefits including weight loss. Green tea is known to have many benefits such as lowering cholesterol, preventing diabetes and burning fats.

Drinking few cups of green tea for a short period of time will not be that effective for you will need to drink a lot of tea to see the results for your weight loss. However, green tea extract is available in the market for purchase so that you would get the standard amount for weight loss using green tea. If you are going to drink tea which are in tea bags, you will most likely have to drink about six cups of tea while if you are going to choose green tea extract, you will get the standardized dose for your weight loss.

Green tea and weight loss: Helping to burn fats

Green tea helps burn fats naturally. Triglyceride, a substance found in the small intestine and liver is essential as it is used as an energy source. However, people tend to gain weight when there are excess amount of triglyceride as this becomes fats which might even cause obesity. Green tea helps burn fats as the polyphenols which are found in green tea activates the enzyme which is needed for dissolving the excess triglyceride. Having few cups of green tea and weight loss achievement can be a good method in losing some stubborn fat.

Green tea and weight loss: EGCC factor green

Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCC works together with the caffeine found in green tea to stimulate the nervous system so that thermogenesis or process of using fats to be used as energy will take effect. Thermogenesis helps burn fats, sheds off excess water and gives you extra energy. Caffeine alone can increase metabolism although green tea combined with caffeine is much effective for stimulating the metabolism more.

Green tea and weight loss : Release of carbohydrates allowing more endurance needed in weight loss

The catechin polyphenols found in green tea can cause slow release of carbohydrates which allows more endurance.You would need this endurance to perform more exercises that help burn fat which is needed in weight loss. Exercises do make a big part in losing weight. If you burn fats less than you eat, then, you will most likely not lose weight but if you are burning fats like the way you are supposed to do, then, you will achieve your desired results for your weight loss. If you have more endurance then, you can do more exercises which would mean that you could burn more calories and fats and shed your unwanted fats.

Of course, you still have to do some exercises and follow a healthy diet so that you will be able to lose weight effectively. You have to follow a healthy diet as it is always an effective way to lose weight and you will have to burn fats so that you will lose weight and achieve your desired body and weight. Exercises combined with drinking green tea and a healthy diet will help in your weight loss. To summarize green tea and weight loss are great combination for you and your family.

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