Healthy Food Choices for Dessert

Healthy Food Choices for Dessert
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Dessert is no exception when it comes to making healthy food choices. If you elect to eat dessert, you must stay away from items high in carbohydrates and calories. It also means making an effort to stay away from purely processed foods and sticking only to the right portions. This advice seems simple, but many people find it difficult to implement otherwise. With grocery stores stocked with processed foods and unhealthy items, most people no longer have a great selection of products; especially when it comes to dessert. Besides advocating fresh fruit for dessert, nutritionists say that other options exist if you know what to look for. Following are a few ideas that can help you prepare and consume desserts while adhering to your meal plan.

Fresh Fruit and Low-Fat Dairy Products

Remember that healthy food choices are predominantly fresh. For instance, you should not settle for canned fruit if there are fresh ones. Canned fruit is often rich in preservatives and additional sugars that are both unhealthy and fattening. Fresh fruit tends to have higher amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. Likewise, you should eat fresh produce to maximize your health-related benefits. Another component of the dessert, dairy products, should be bought in low-fat versions. This applies to creams, yogurts, and milk.

Custom Recipes

When it comes to actual desserts, you might consider using your own recipes. These recipes can be as simple as a cup of low-fat cream (or low-fat yogurt) with various berries. They could be as sophisticated as warmed cherries, with a scoop of ricotta, toasted almonds, and walnuts. You could also combine fruit with whole-grain items like crumbled cereal bars or sprinkle particular fruit with shavings of other fruits, like coconut.


One of the best dessert types when you are starting out is the frappe or smoothie. You can blend practically any fruit here with low-fat dairy options. The goal is to make servings that generally fit in average-sized cups for each person. Try not to exceed this or else you run the risk of overindulgence; which runs counter to the purpose of making a healthy dessert. It is okay to consume this smoothie in multiple settings as long as you do not exceed your calorie intake maximum for the day.

To find additional ideas for healthy food choices for dessert, you should ask your friends for possible recipes they have. You could also check for recipes online and subsequently see if anything needs tweaking. Thus, you can substitute (where feasible) items with low-fat, low calorie, and sugar-free alternatives.

As a recap, options exist where you can enjoy desserts without jeopardizing your health-related goals. The trick is to utilize fresh, natural ingredients instead of processed ones. Just like your other meals, you must eat in moderation. You should also record the amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat you consume. Nonetheless, for dessert, it helps to plan in advance and use healthy food choices and recipes that can add a variety to your diet.

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