Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

When purchasing healthy snacks for weight loss, you should pay attention to the number of calories found in these items and the nutritional value you could receive from this food. You want to select snacks such as fruit and vegetables instead of fat and carbohydrate-filled options that contain empty calories. Another important thing that most people forget… is to consider how satisfying a particular food is. Since the need to snack is essentially signaled by an urge often identified as “hunger” in the human body, the immediate answer to that urge must be one that satisfies your taste-buds. Some snacks are more satisfying and healthy than others, such as certain fruits mixed in salads. Satisfying to the point where the feeling of satiation is experienced. The key point to remember is that healthy snacks for weight loss should not replace your meals. Instead, they should complement your daily meals by keeping your body fueled throughout the day. Nonetheless, below are a few snacks you can potentially add to your diet plan.


Yogurt is easily one of the best healthy snacks for weight loss. Not only does it have protein, it also contains several other vital nutrients such as potassium, Vitamin B, calcium, and niacin. Furthermore, yogurt also comes in low-fat varieties which have just about the same nutritional benefits as the plain yogurt types. A regular cup of yogurt usually has around 150-200 calories and it can be combined with fruit or used as a vegetable dip. It may even be turned into a substitute for gravy or cheese sauce over a baked potato.

Raisins and Nuts

Raisins are another great food for snacking, especially since they could satisfy the urge to eat something sweet. They also have no cholesterol and fat, have very little sodium, and have several other nutrients such as potassium and iron. These raisins should be split into serving sizes to ensure you do not eat too many of them.

Nuts are considered healthy snacks for weight loss because they contain protein, Omega-3 fats, and other nutrients that are good for the body. Remember to check the nutritional labels before purchasing these items. However, you should limit your intake to a serving size, since an ounce of almonds or walnuts contain ~ 170 calories. Thus, the calories can add up quickly if you eat too many nuts.

Cereal Bars

Cereal bars and granola are among the top healthy snacks for weight loss because of their nutritional value and convenience. Some people actually have the need to crunch or chew more than they actually eat. Thus, such food items can help them satisfy that urge while adding healthy fiber to the body. A firm, juicy, and crunchy apple, by the way, can also help with this urge.

Finally, some people prefer healthy snacks for weight loss that can be drunk or sipped through a straw. Likewise, you could either purchase or make a healthy fruit and fat-free yogurt smoothie. A smoothie as well as the items mentioned above are healthy snacks for weight loss that can be incorporated in your overall diet plan.

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