How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle ?

To make a perfect body one must loose excess fat with out losing precious muscles. It is not easy to burn fat with out hampering muscles growth.

There are many easy exercises available which helps you loose your weight, fat with out hampering muscles growth. The key is to make muscles toned by replacing them with fat.

To loose fat one must exercise this will helps toning muscles as well.

The best exercise to loose fat and make toned muscles is cardio vascular exercise. They help in burning fat with out affecting muscles growth.

One must learn the art of losing fat and keeping the healthy muscles safe.

One must start with curling exercise. They help you tone your bicep. The suggested curling exercise is Hammer curls- stand keeping your leg wide apart.

Take dumbbells and make your hand rest on sides, make sure your palm facing the body. Repeat this exercise many times. You can bring some variation by using one arm at a time.

Squats are suggested to keep your thighs toned. Keep you legs wide apart and stand straight with erect back now bend it you come to sitting position. Hold for 5 minis and straightly stand up.

Repeat it several times. In order to work inner thigh, Keep your legs apart and make your toes face outwards. Now keeping straight back and bending your knees as low as possible and just hold it. Return back to normal position. Repeat it several times.

One must practice exercise which will increase your strengths as this will make your muscles health and powerful. Crunches are required to keep abdominal muscles strong. To keep triceps healthy, you must lift weights by using theses muscles. You must use your muscles as much as possible so that body keeps them as good part of the system.

Well in the end its zero downs to what you eat. You must eat healthy and make sure to make a healthy runite as well.

It is important to eat diet full of nutrients like vitamin, protein and minerals. It is highly recommended to eat high protein diet as it will help you develop new muscles and retain existing muscles. Make sure to drink water, lots of water.

Your diet must contain green vegetables, fibrous food and low fat products, high protein food, fruits and their juices.Good diet and workouts are essential for not only keeping fat at bay and making new muscles but also to keep existing muscles alive and healthy.

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