How to Motivate Yourself to Workout when You Lack Fitness Motivation

You decide to work out for health reasons, lose weight, or tone your body, and you joined the local gym or purchase exercise equipment to work out at home.  However, your fitness motivation seems to have disappeared.  You are not alone, there are many people, who were gung-ho and motivated at first, yet after several months, become discouraged and quit when they didn’t see the results they wanted fast enough.  The gym membership is not being used and that peice of home gym equipment is collecting dust and spiderwebs. Lets prevent that from happening to you ok.  Here are some tips to help you to stay motivated to continue working towards your fitness success.

Set goals and write them down.  Be specific, like if you want to lose ten pounds, or lower your blood pressure, do not write, “I want to lose 10lbs, improve blood pressure.  Speak it into existence.  Instead write “I lost 10 pounds, and my blood pressure has improved.”  Remind yourself of your goals daily.  Put them up somewhere you can read them for motivations several times a day.

Schedule exercise into your daily plans.  Plan your workout time the same way you schedule your doctor’s visit or family event.  Pick the days and times you are most likely to stick with your workout regime, morning, afternoon or evening.

Take a before picture.  When the scale doesn’t reflect the numbers you want to see, then you may get discouraged.  Taking a picture before and after 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days you will be able to see the difference and get an accurate assessment of how much your body has changed over the period.

Know your fitness motivations.  Figure out just what are you trying to accomplish and why?  You want to lose ten pounds.  Why do you want to lose ten pounds? Why? Do you want more attention from your spouse?  What is it that you want?  Are you trying to become healthier, lose weight?  What happens if you don’t focus on your health, or lose weight?

Visualize.  A quick way to get a lot of motivation is to think about the end result.  Have a visual picture in your mind how you look and feel now at your best.   Pull out that picture of when you were at your best condition, healthy and fit or find a picture in a magazine of how you want to look.  Put it where you can see it, next to your goals.  Visualize you got your sexy back.

Read others success stories.  Pick up magazines, read others blogs or Facebook’s pages who have fitness success stories.  I love success stories and reading success stories of people who are in similar situations but who have achieved their goals, by just sticking with it can inspire you.  Believe that you can do it too.

Exercise with a friend.  Planning to go workout with a friend can be a great motivator.  People are generally competitive thus, making the routines fun and challenging.  Plus, if you don’t go, then you not only disappoint yourself, but you’ve just stood up your friend and disappointed your friend too.  Not cool!

Be Patient and realistic.  People get discouraged and lack motivation when they don’t  see an improvement in their health like a.s.a.p.  You didn’t get those health issues or gain those 10 – 50lbs overnight.  You may not see result overnight either.  Be realistic and stay focus on making sure you are eating healthy, reducing stress, exercising, and getting proper sleep and the change will come.

Reward yourself.  Make a reward list and each time you make an accomplishment, reward yourself with something off of that list.  I don’t mean with 2 donuts and a bag of chips either.  Maybe you’ve dropped 2 sizes, buy yourself  an new pair of jeans, or that nice fragrance you’ve been wanting.

Forgive yourself.  No one is perfect. Know that there may be days that you may not meet your daily goals.  If that happens today try harder the next day.

So there you have it!  Use these tips and reminders for motivation and encouragement to help you keep your mojo achieving your greatest fitness well-being.  Give it a try and believe that you can do this.  Here’s to being the best you can be and a healthy and happier you!

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