Low Sugar Diet

We are born loving sugar and we can never get enough of it.  But like many good things in life, little sugar is okay.  But if exceeds the normal daily dietary allowance, then it is not healthy anymore.

We’ve probably heard an astounding number of people discussing the negative effects of too much sugar but we never seem to listen to them.  Time and again, they tell us that sugar makes us fat and can put us at great risk for diabetes.

The typical diet we have is very high in sugar.  Now, dieticians all over the world have formed low sugar diets that can help obese people lose weight and become a healthier you.

We do not need sugar for nutrition.  Natural sugars are already found in natural foods and fruits.  Sugar itself – the brown and white stuff – is purely an optional taste sensation.  Simply put, it has no nutritional value.

Imagine this: more than 10 teaspoons of sugar are contained in ONE single can of soda. It really is high time for us to regulate and monitor our sugar intake.

Be Sugar-Free, Literally

These are some ways to restrain ourselves from regularly consuming huge amounts of sugar.

First, steer clear of empty calories and increase your diet’s nutritional value.Eat only those that do not contain sugar (you may find that there are only a few).

Second, monitor and maintain blood sugar at stable levels.  It is imperative for people from all ages (especially those above 40) to know there blood sugar levels.  Have a regular check-up with your physician.

Third, keep in check cravings for sweets.  Cut sugar cravings by replacing them with real foods that contain complex carbohydrates.  Examples of these are proteins from eggs, meat, and cheese, whole grains, and fiber found in vegetables.  Substitute almonds for a pack of snickers.  These will not only provide protein but will alleviate your hunger for awhile.

If it cannot be helped, dark chocolates contain healthy components such as anti-oxidants that help fight off cancer, satiate hunger, and enhance well-being. Yes, you do not have to give up on chocolates. Just purchase the ones that contain cocoa liquor, cocoa mass, lecithin, and yes, sugar.

Fourth, observe a balanced diet. Decrease incidents of hunger pains and mood swings by eating a well-balanced meal that contains all the right foods. Sample menus include cereal with milk and walnuts, and toast with fruit and jelly for breakfast. Rice pilaf, chicken rolls in mushroom sauce, fruit, and salad for lunch.  Grilled marinated steak with cheese, broccoli, fruit, and potato for dinner. Lastly, club soda with whole-wheat pretzels for snack time.

Fifth, keep high energy levels by consuming complex carbohydrates.  Not only are they healthy, they satisfy yearning for sugar as well. Stop the intake of sugar as well. There are no nutrients included in it.

Many people have already indulged in sweets and seem unconcerned with their health.  These leads to physical and mental effects like bad grades in school and the much feared diabetes.  New snacks and recipes have already been made to lessen the intake of sugar and will not make you feel deprived of it. Consider sweets as a nice treat and not part of your daily diet.

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