My Top Secret to Stop the Weight Gain (Burn Baby Burn)

During this time of year, I enjoy the festivities and food!  Did I say food?  My real temptation is macaroni and cheese.  Yummy!  Are there any other Mac and cheese lovers out there?  And, If you’re from the south, there’s probably every type of potato on the menu right ie, potato, mash potato, candy yams, sweet potato, potato salad, whewww!  Watch out.

Now if we don’t watch out during the holidays five to ten pounds slowly start creeping on.   I noticed that my weight has stayed pretty consistent this year.  So what’s my secret to eating some of the tempting foods and still keep the weight off?  Exercise with intensity.  That’s it.  Go hard and workout keeping the intensity up during the session.  I ate what I liked in moderation and found some time for exercise.   Some of my fellow gym partners were like “You hitting it hard today”.  Yelp. I’m thinking Mac and cheese!

This is the exercise routine I did today.  I did an all-over body conditioning superset strength and 30 second cardio combo.  I used a weight that only allowed me to do 8 reps and didn’t rest between exercises, only rest was at the end of each group of exercises.   For instance, 1a, 1b, 1c, immediately do again 1a, 1b, and 1c then rest up to 1 minute.  2 sets and 8 reps and it only took about 30 minutes to complete.

Warm up 5 minutes and some dynamic stretches.

1a -Squat with Shoulder press – 8 reps

1b- Alternate Dumbbell rows –8 reps each side

1c- Jumping Jacks with half Lateral Shoulder raise for 30 seconds

———–REST 1 minute————–

2a-Walking Lunges and Lateral Shoulder raise – 8 reps

2b- Alternate Dumbbell Pushup and Row – 8 reps

2c-Splint for 30 seconds

———-Rest I Minute—————–

3a-1 arm squat thrust – 8 reps each side

3b-Dumbell chest press on stability ball – 8 reps

3b-Mountain climbers 30 seconds

———Rest 1 Minute—————-

Cool down and stretch

If you give this a shot you will really burn some calories and feel great.  If you need more rest then so do. Work hard and enjoy!

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