Save Calories – Keep the Weight Off

Save Calories - Keep the Weight Off
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You aren’t really overweight yet but your clothes feel a little snug when they didn’t a few months ago. Maybe that sleek black dress makes you look lumpy rather than sexy.

Heed these warning signs! Those pounds are beginning to creep on. Ignore the warnings and you will have a real problem in a few months.

So what do you do? Should you head for the nearest bookstore to buy the latest diet book or exercise three hours everyday?

No, drastic action is not necessary. Catch those nasty extra pounds early and you can get rid of them without real dieting or overdosing at the gym. You need to do is cut down on your calorie intake by maybe 100 or 200 calories a day.

Do you realise how easy that is?

All you have to do is make changes to what you eat and maybe to your lifestyle too. Here are some suggestions for cutting calories.

Check the labelling for calorie counts and also check whether it refers to calories by weight, by item (each cookie, slice, etc) or to portion size.

Look for the low fat or no fat options wherever possible. for example 1oz of regular potato chips (crisps) has around 160 calories while fat free ones only have about 70.

Instead of eating a cookie or chocolate bar as a snack, eat fruit like an apple, banana, orange, mango, etc. They areĀ  lower in calories but the fibre, vitamins and minerals they contain are better for your overall health.

While on the subject of fruit, try to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, that’s about 16ozs. Again, your overall health will benefit and you will have less appetite for calorie rich food.

If you must eat chocolate, first of all remember that 100 grams, around 4ozs, of semi-sweet (plain) chocolate contains a massive 525 calories so break it into tiny pieces and then just eat one or two a day. You get the taste but not the excess calories.

Eating boiled instead of fried rice can save around 80 calories per 100g (100g boiled rice = 138 calories, 100g fried rice = 220 calories)

Substitute low fat or fat free cheese for ordinary cheese and save some calories. Better still eat cottage cheese which is a quarter of the calories of some others – just 100 calories per 100g, or a soft cheese like Philadelphia – 250 calories per 100g for the full fat version, even less with their light or very light products. You can also look for supermarkets’ own brands of soft cheese and save money as well as calories.

Don’t fry your food whether it is chicken, eggs or bacon. Instead put it under the grill and save calories.
Remember that the skin of chicken contains a lot of fat and calories, don’t eat it.

Cut right down on alcoholic drinks and so cut down calories. If that is impossible, learn to nurse one glass of wine and make it last!

Remember the calories in condiments and sauces. Tomato ketchup can contain around 100 calories per 100g. You probably aren’t going to put almost 4oz of ketchup on your food but why add even an extra 20 calories that you don’t need? Others like tartare sauce come in at around an amazing 500 calories for 100g. Stick to lemon juice on fish and enjoy the food and the virtuous feeling of saving calories.

These are just the ideas for saving calories so that you lose just enough weight to make your clothes feel comfortable again. If you also combine them with becoming a little more active so burning more calories, you will wonder why anybody ever makes a fuss about losing weight. You can do just simple things like parking the car or getting off public transport just a bit further from work than usual and walking the extra distance. Use stairs where possible rather than the elevator or escalator. Dance when listening to music, pace the floor when talking on the telephone, walk faster than usual.

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