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Staying Healthy as You Get Older

Staying Healthy as You Get Older
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In fact, the youth-extending properties of some herbs and superfoods can help to slow the effects of aging on our bodies and minds.

The state of being healthy and fit doesn’t happen by accident. Many healthy people practice fitness as a state of mind. Being present in each moment and observing your thoughts is a good way to enhance your awareness and get positive results out of life. Let’s look at some of the reasons we begin to experience aging, and consider some of the foods that may help slow down the aging process.

Cell damage and a reduced immune response are the two main factors that cause our bodies to age. When your body lacks antioxidants it cannot neutralize the free radicals that cause cell or tissue damage. Likewise, your health at risk when stress and environmental factors create a reduced immune response.

It’s important to choose potent sources of nutrients to deal with the realities of aging. Some potent herbs and foods to help neutralize the effects of free radicals in your body are pine bark, grapeseed, ginkgo bilboa and shiitake mushrooms. These foods support a stronger immune system and they are valuable additions in your diet. They will promote vitality and help prevent healthy conditions related to aging.

Lowering the fat content in your diet is very important as you age. Fat reduces the body’s ability to deal with free radicals. Add chlorophyll-rich foods such as green foods, alfalfa, and bright green leafy vegetables. These foods help restore healthy cell tissue and provide trace minerals that will keep you healthier. Many age-related illnesses can be prevented by adopting healthy habits. Start now, and enjoy your state of health for as long as you live.

Being healthy and staying fit requires eating wholesome foods and exercising more, but as many healthy, older people know, it takes more than that. Become aware of your habits of mind, and you’ll discover that the key to health and fitness begins in your awareness. Be present in the moment and let all your thoughts be healthy thoughts.

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