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Tips To Overcome Weight Loss Diet Failure

Tips To Overcome Weight Loss Diet Failure
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Many people start a grand diet and workout plan. Many people follow it religiously for a few days. Then they find it hard to resist the temptations to eat the goodies and think there can be a day’s exception. Then slowly one day’s exception becomes a week and then month and ultimately they begin to believe that it’s no use having a diet plan.

Set a Realistic Target

Weight loss cannot and should not happen as shown in TV commercials. It’s not realistic to reduce 30 – 40 pounds in a week. Weight loss can happen only with a change in lifestyle and healthy eating. Crash diets will only lead to temporary loss and the lost weight will come back with a bang within no time. Healthy weight loss is about a two pounds or three per week. Beware no product can do miracle and change a couch potato to supermodel within short span of time. It’s best to have realistic targets and work towards it.

Commitment is Must

Many dieters start dieting without a real commitment towards it. So the moment they get bored of diet, they decide to give up. The reason is ‘it’s better to eat what you like than remain thin’. To ensure there is better commitment towards dieting, dieters should write a letter. In this they should pen down why they want to diet, how are they planning to do it like change in lifestyle, workouts.

Balance between Diet and Workout

During the diet plan to maintain your fitness and to control over weight, it’s okay to once in a while venture out and have goodies, but that shouldn’t become a habit. You must compensate and balance that. To burn out extra calories, little more time should be spent at the gym or a long walk.

Come Back to Plan after Discontinuation

It’s natural to fall out of daily work out routine during illness. In fact even after getting better, it’s difficult to get back immediately into the usual routine. It’s understandable as the body may not have got the stamina required. But it should not stop them from doing things that would keep them physically active. This would easily help them to switch on to their usual routine once they recover fully and also keep them on track with weight loss goals.

Take Stress Positively for Diet Planning

Many people overeat to relieve themselves of emotional stress. When they are stressed out due to break up or other issues, they find solace in eating food of their choice. Although eating poorly is not a solution to getting rid of stress as it would only lead to more stress but overeating isn’t a problem solver either. To get rid of stress diverting mind to other stuffs or talking to friends etc would be a better idea. Also, sticking to dietary plan during stress will make a person a lot more confident as it requires lots of will and determination to do it.

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