Top 5 essential secrets you should know about your fitness

So you are ready to start getting in shape, losing weight, being healthy, whatever your reasons may be.  Great!  By embarking on a fitness program, you will be doing your body a favor. After all, physical activity helps in keeping your body in proper working condition, decreases your risk of contracting diseases, improves your balance and coordination, helps you reduce and maintain your desired weight.  All these factors add up in boosting your self-esteem and general wellbeing.  However, what you need to do first is make sure that you understand the basic elements of staying fit.  Plan carefully, identify your fitness goals and consider the strategies in achieving them.

Keeping fit does not have to be an overwhelming task.  Take up a fitness system that suits your body, and work on incorporating it into your daily habit.

A rounded fitness routine should include activities that focus on working your general circulation (aerobics), strengthening your muscles (muscular training), improving your flexibility (stretching), toning specific muscles (core training) and maintaining your balance (balance training).  It is not necessary that each of the above is incorporated in every fitness session, but implementing them in your regular routine will go a long way in keeping you fit for life.

That you are familiar with the basic elements that is to be practiced in your fitness session, in order to acquire the right results, learn what is exactly to be done, and how.

  1. Stretching: It is a general rule that you warm up your muscles prior and post to any exercise.  This can be done by stretching your muscles gently till you feel tension in them.  If you feel pain, stop and consider another position. Stretching is a great way to improve posture, flexibility and to relieve stress.  It also improves circulation and helps you move your joints to varying degrees.
  2. Core training: Training and toning your core muscles – (the muscles in your lower back, abdomen and pelvis) will help in protecting your back, brace the spine and synchronize upper and lower body movements effectively. Any activity that uses the upper part of your body without support counts as a core exercise.
  3. Aerobics: Any form of aerobic exercise is thought to be good for your heart since it promotes circulation and therefore reduces health risks and keeps those extra kilos from piling on.  Cardiovascular routine causes you to breathe deeply and faster, causing your heart to pump harder and hence maximizing the oxygen in your system.  Regular aerobic activity helps you live longer and healthier by making your heart, lungs and blood vessels more efficient.  Taking up and completing routine physical tasks and challenges will not be so daunting then.  Aerobic exercise can be in any form, as long as the activity increases your heart rate.  Walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling, even dancing all constitutes to cardiovascular activity.
  4. Muscle training: Strength training, also known as weight training, helps tone your muscles for that healthy, fit appearance. Regular weight training increases bone strength and helps in fat and calorie burning, increases your lean muscle mass and stimulates metabolism in the body.
  5. Balance training: Maintaining proper balance and posture through balance training is as essential as toning your muscles and keeping your heart fit.  Because the body’s sense of balance tend to deteriorate with age, it is important to incorporate it in your fitness regime to avoid the risk of falls and fractures later on in life.  For instance, standing on one leg improves overall stability.  The Chinese practice of Tai chi is also beneficial in improving balance.

Fitness is relative to how you design your daily routine and life style.  The above mentioned 5 tips will enable you to maintain your fitness not only now but, at all stages of life. However, it is essential that along with these physical routines, you should keep a balance in your diet.  Increase your water intake, try to take fresh vegetable, fruits and avoid fattening items.  These efforts will result in healthiness not physically but mentally too.  Remember healthy you is Happy you!

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