Top Health Foods For Your Heart

High cholesterol levels are afflicting many people across the globe these days and largely because of diets that predominantly lack health foods. In the US alone, over 40 million Americans have high cholesterol and millions more are on the way to developing the same ailment. Medical and anthropological experts blame it on current cuisines that contain fatty and unhealthy foods; which contribute to high cholesterol levels. Outside of hereditary, these occurrences could be reduced. There are foods available that may be considered tasty enough to be cuisine staples; yet are also healthy enough to help lower cholesterol for many people. Here are just four of the most common health foods:


Oatmeal is said to be one of the best health foods for the cardiovascular system and digestive system. This marvelous breakfast item is easy to prepare and contains several nutrients beneficial to the body. Besides that, its fiber content is soluble; which means it is great for lowering LDL or low-density lipoprotein levels. When purchasing oatmeal, do not select (if feasible) the pre-flavored, overly sweeten ones sold in packets. Buy plain oatmeal and add your own natural flavors using natural fruit preserves or juices. For higher fiber content, try adding bananas to your oatmeal.

Beans And Nuts

Beans are another great food for the heart. Beans come in all shapes and sizes and are also very forgiving when it comes to cuisine. You can cook them practically any way you want. Beans have a great deal of fiber and protein and minimum levels of fat. Indeed, some believe diets with beans to be possible answers to the problem of reducing one’s risk of heart ailments.

Nuts are another favorite recommendation for heart-healthy eating. Buy nuts that are not caramelized, coated, sugared, or prepared in any way that consists of unhealthy additives. They are good for your health since they contain healthy fats (monounsaturated fats and unsaturated fats) in abundance and also carry a great deal of protein and antioxidants. Purchase walnuts or almonds for the best choices and eat only a handful per day. You might want to use them as a substitute to meat in certain salads or pasta dishes too.


Fish – specifically fatty fish – have a fantastic amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to help lower blood pressure levels. A good rule is to eat fish like sardines, salmon, halibut, mackerel, and herring and cook them in ways that do not add too much fat. Baking and grilling are preferred methods to cook your fish and to ensure your meals remain healthy. Several medical professionals recommend having a minimum of two fish servings each week.

The best advice when it comes to health foods is really to just avoid overly processed or pre-packaged items; since these are by default less healthy and more fatty than fresh foods. When going to the supermarket from now on, pay attention to the freshness of the food you are purchasing. Cut down on fats as a whole and expand your cooking prowess by testing out new ways to use the grill or oven instead of the frying pan. Just make sure you are preparing and consuming health foods moving forward.

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